$200,000 Parking Fine

As someone who is a relative newcomer to the trucking industry, I have been taking the initiative to learn everything there is to know about trucking. While doing some online reading in my spare time, I came across The Truckers Report Blog, which I quickly became addicted to.

I was shocked and intrigued when I came across this post while reading the other day. This gentleman, Darrell Gashette, purposely had his driveway set up to be extra wide and long so that he could park his rig in it and not run the risk of causing accidents by parking such a large vehicle on the street. To me, it seems that he was really taking the safety of his neighbors and those driving through his neighborhood into account which I have to give him credit for. Imagine my shock when I read through this blog post and learned that this driver was fined $200,000 dollars for parking in his own driveway.

Some people may disagree with me when I say I think this is absolute garbage. One might argue that this man did indeed violate his deed restrictions and should be fined but I have to disagree. As a homeowner myself, I am a firm believer that what you do on your own property is your business, especially when it is something as minor as parking your own truck in your own driveway. This man was not putting anyone in danger, on the contrary, he was making his street safer to drive on by not parking a giant, black, difficult to see at night rig in the street. I would think that his neighbors would be appreciative of this but no, instead one of them chose to complain and cause this man to get hit with an exorbitantly high fine. I imagine these same neighbors would be super quick to complain if the rig was parked on the street at night and one of them was in some way injured by it, so it seems as if no matter what this man does, he would not be able to win with these nosey neighbors.

After checking out some of the comments on this story, I have to say I agree with the majority of commenters that said what they would do is park their rig in front of the home of the neighbors who complained. While it might seem petty, I feel that it would really drive home the point that it makes far more sense to have your rig parked in your own driveway that on the street in front of the neighbor’s house. I imagine that after having this rig parked in front of their house for long enough, they would begin to regret starting such a petty fight in the first place.

The good news is that the majority of Darrel’s fine was waived by the court but better news would be to hear that things such as this never occurred in the first place. I am quickly learning that the law does not often side with the truck driver. I am excited to be a part of The Truckers Report community and look forward to continuing to read about other’s experiences in hopes that I will continue to become a better driver and stay up to date on the varying laws that deal with truckers.